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 New Update

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PostSubject: New Update   Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:04 pm

From the VAFS5 forum... Some good stuff here:

VAFS 5 Version Release Information
This is a major update for VAFS5 pilot client. This build will resolve most of the issues with dates and flight sim crashes.
There are two new major updates that will be explained below, PLEASE READ THESE SECTIONS

- Codeshare would say YES instead of Dispatch saying YES. This has been fixed
- Changed flap damage verbage to correctly say 295 knots instead of 255 knots.
- Added flap damage for speeds over 295 knots. (Flap blowout speed in most aircraft cfg files.)
- Added refresh weather link on weather tab.
- Fixed cargo flights displaying turbulance information.
- Fixed issue with passenger flights not allowing cargo to be loaded when the KG option is selected.
- Added the "You landed at this airport" information to the flight logs.
- Fixed an issue where the start flight button would not enable if it could not find the .cfg files when selecting WideFS
- Fixed the client aircraft certification checks (this was not active in all other versions) it is now active.
- Fixed the taxes for non cargo and cargo flights.
- Fixed the way the client looks at dates, it should now correctly upload flights no matter what date format your system is using.
- Fixed the client so that it will not automatically upload the flight or show as arrived when your sim crashes.
- Removed search routes for now. I am working on creating a new search preferred routes for an upcoming client build.
- You can now resume a flight right after a crash by loading up the saved flight and leaving the client running *see below
- Increased fragile and hazmat bank angle to 31 degrees
- Increased allowed speed to 295 knots below 10000 feet to accomidate VATSIM controller requests.

- Added new option to display VAFS5 messages in flight sim. It defaults to YES (The SmittyBRS Rule LOL Wink )
- Added tail numbers to the select routes grids. The format will be AC ICAO - TAILNUMBER. This field can be filtered.
- The client now saves your flight every 5 minutes so you can load your flight at a later date.

In order to use this feature please follow the instructions in the client. It will know if there is a saved flight or not once you login to the client.
It will ask you to be at your departure airport and get your aircraft ready to fly (setting up lights, GPS, other items that are important to your flight.)
When you click on the "Load Saved Flight" button, the client will load the last VAFS.FLT file along with all the VAFS pilot client data up to that point.
Once the aircraft and scenery load, the client will resume tracking the flight with all the flight information from the beginning of your flight.
The flight will upload with the date the flight was completed.

- The client will now give you an option to create an airport and runway database from your scenery files

When you run the database creation utility (MakeRwys.exe) from the VAFS5 client it will create a couple files from your active scenery. What this will do is give you
a screen like the picture below instead of the default server airport and runway data. As you can see it will give you much more information.

This will have to be ran whenever you install new scenery and want that scenery to show up in the client.

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New Update
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