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 Canadian Arctic Nails Milestone

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PostSubject: Canadian Arctic Nails Milestone   Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:05 am

To: All Code-Share Partner's

Canadian Arctic on 6/12/13 pays off entire fleet and also gains new AC types. We also gained a 747F ability thru FedEx Virtual. Our VA Value went from about 650 million to about 3.4 Billion since 6/1/13. Now the fun part harmonizing the Fleet and route system overhaul. KSEA will see a connecting Canadian Arctic 787-3, 787-9 and a 747F and Dash 8Q400 and possible Bombardier C300. My ? to NLA, would you like me to run our 777 and or A380 thru KSEA and CYYC?

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Canadian Arctic Nails Milestone
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